Employment Opportunity: Here are top tips for graduates looking for a job

You might think that graduates looking for a job during a coronavirus pandemic face an impossible task.

At least, this is what it looks like when you read a newspaper's title or watch the news.

However, the truth is not as grim as WHO believes. Yes, there was a rapid end to the university semester, which affected graduation ceremonies and potential work plans. However, do not be discouraged!

Even with many conflicting and distorted reports, the following is clear:

  • Employment, although affected, is still ongoing. This could include work experience, internships, and graduate studies schemes in the labor market.
  • Insurance and insulation will give you time to prepare adequately for job applications.
  • Many think of higher education; Here are some points from a graduate trainer that must be considered before applying for a master's degree.

What is essential for graduates, especially at this time, is a preoccupation with preparation and even presentation.

Prospective employers will ask you what you were doing during the closing. Saying nothing will help you!

There is no certainty in the timeline for how long the COVID-19 scenario will last. For this reason, it is better to focus on excellence rather than waiting for it to explode.

Here are our top tips for graduates looking for a job during the Corona Virus pandemic.

1. Establish yourself online

By interacting face-to-face outside of cards, it is essential to become a virtual network user.

After all, one of the best ways to find a job is through a personal referral. Reaching out to people who can help, like a recruiter, can be a big step forward.

Besides, LinkedIn has become the main force and equivalent social media for business networks.

Now is the time to "connect" with people working in an industry you care about. You can also contact the individual business professionals you like.

On LinkedIn, you should aim to create the following:

  • An information profile detailing your goals and qualifications. Create a professional look!
  • Download a revised resume-based CV
  • Follow the companies you care about and create a communications network
  • When you find jobs that interest you, contact employers, hiring managers, or even managers
  • Research and preparation are essential when communicating with people about opportunities. This will pay off for a liberal voice on the Internet.

At Graduate Coach, we have picked out some of the best graduate employment roles in this post here. Some may deserve verification during this time.

2. Maintain work orientation

Many college graduates will be frustrated now; Especially if you've got a job, but it is no longer available due to coronavirus pandemic.

The best that can be destructive, the best thing you can do is to go ahead and keep determined.

Lying down and waiting for the scenario to improve won't help you do anything.

Maintaining a business orientation and pushing your profile will definitely be an excellent way to stay on the radar's recorder.

While many companies are still trying to figure out how to do business by default, this does not mean that they are not considering hiring.

Even if many graduate jobs are not currently employed, they are often suspended.

This means that you can still try to file a case for yourself. If all goes well, you may put yourself in a strong position when employment starts again.

You will have to try and remember to be patient with the various job applications. Many HR professionals will also work from home. As a result, critical answers will be slower!

We hope it appears to many employers that the active graduate is attractive.

Even if this means gaining part-time work experience in supermarkets, food delivery, and volunteering services, it will be beneficial. This can be impressive for an employer and boost your personal skills.

3. Upskill in graduate jobs increasingly popular

You may wonder about emerging industries that might be attractive to graduates.

Popular sectors such as financial services, store owners, and hospitality will continue to operate for a long time. But there are new and emerging labor markets that have attracted attention.

For graduates looking for a job during the Coronavirus pandemic, this is worth studying.

Among these sectors are both the digital and technology sectors that Graduate Coach has realized are increasingly useful.

Many graduate-level jobs are becoming increasingly digitalized. With a lot of work done at home, this may become more than that.

The graduate founder, Chris Davis, wrote this article about Luminate the best advice on how to handle the digital market. There are also great details on why this is so important.

Some of the most essential facts about a digital career:

  • 60% of major companies are experiencing an increase in digital skills needs in the next five years. The future of the job market for graduates will be digital
  • You will become a professional on-demand and have a safe job throughout your career
  • Great financial potential

On a technical level, is an explanation needed? In this guest article full of information about Alumni Coach by Craig Allen, he says:

  • The future of the industry is exciting and cheerful.
  • Technology has become a dominant force and needs skilled workers.
  • At least 133 million technology-related jobs will be created by 2022