Checkout What to Know Before Immigrating to St. Kitts and Benefits of obtaining citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis

People with dual nationality can benefit from many advantages. Dual nationality offers the freedom to do business on a global scale and allows an individual to enjoy the citizenship rights of another country, with the exception of his country. St. Kitts has become one of the few countries that foreigners find it very attractive to live permanently. The country has a rich and stable economy and has high standards of health care. The standard of living in Saint Kitts is very high. The country is famous for its solid political infrastructure and its low tax rate. However, to obtain citizenship in the country, a person must meet certain requirements.

Benefits of obtaining citizenship of Saint Kitts a
nd Nevis:

1. When a person obtains a residence permit, he has the right to travel to more than 120 countries, without the need for national visas. Switzerland and the United Kingdom are some of these countries, where one can travel by obtaining citizenship of St. Kitts.

2. State laws do not require the applicant to reside in the country.

3. An individual can apply for the residence of Ma’ali and his wife.

4. Income in the country is completely tax free.

5. There are no restrictions on applicants for residence in the country.

6. The applicant does not need to attend an interview on the investor immigration program. Unlike most other countries, you can complete the application process in the country even without being there.

How to obtain citizenship in the state?

Investment immigration is the means of obtaining citizenship in the country. Foreigners wishing to obtain citizenship and a state passport must invest in the country. Applicants can either invest in the Sugar Industry Diversity Corporation or in state property. Since most countries do not grant citizenship to foreigners through the investment process, this country is an attractive option for foreigners.

Property investment:

Real estate investment is the most common option for foreigners to obtain the nationality of the country. However, the real estate investment program includes many conditions that applicants must meet. Some of these conditions are:

1. The applicant must invest at least US $ 350,000 in a real estate project in the country.

2. After the applicant has invested in real estate, he / she must keep the property for at least 5 years in order to be eligible for citizenship. After the claimant has owned the property for 5 years, he has the right to sell it.

3. The applicant must pay USD 35,000 to himself and USD 15,000 per person to the spouse and dependents under the age of 18, if applicable, to the government of the country.

4. The applicant must also pay US $ 35,000 to the government for dependents between the ages of 18 and 25.

5. If the applicant wishes to include a person over the age of 16 in the application, he must pay $ 3,500 to the government of that person. This amount is a due diligence commission.

6. The applicant must pay other legal fees when purchasing a property.

This information will help the foreigner to obtain the nationality of the nation through property investment. The process of obtaining citizenship and passport for a nation is very simple compared to other countries